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As we wrap up summer, we’re hitting a milestone: half the zodiac candles have been released! We’ve taken you all the way from zealous Aries through dedicated Taurus, clever Gemini, intuitive Cancer and generous Leo to our latest addition, practical Virgo. And while we feel proud at interpreting half of you in scent form, we know the other half is anxiously awaiting their turn because you keep telling us!

So while we all await the day everyone can grab their very own Zodiac candle, we are creating monthly Candlescopes where each sign is given a sniff at the month ahead with their own candle recommendations and challenges! Read on to discover yours.

Virgo: Happy birthday to the one who’s keeping everything going! Your ability to navigate pretty much anything comes from knowing how to sort things into manageable steps and tasks. But while you can save pretty much any project with your know-how, this month is not the time to pick up the slack for others at a cost to yourself. This is the one time of year you should feel ZERO guilt about putting yourself first. (The astrology says so!) Virgo is the sign of the little things, so treat yourself regularly to small moments of enjoyment and embodiment.

Candle: The Virgo candle was made to both honor your earthy nature and help you relax. So whether you’re getting your groove on or unplugging for the night, let this dance of cotton, musk and bergamot delight your senses!

Challenge: Take at least five minutes a day to focus on something purely for the enjoyment of it – the taste of your coffee (without making a to-do list), cuddling with your cat (without worrying about that presentation), listening to your favorite song (without doom scrolling), etc. Gamifying it by keeping a list of those daily pleasures!

Libra: When the Sun visits Virgo, it’s your opportunity to take stock of how far you’ve come, dear Libra. Given that we only have 24 hours a day, though, most of us have a list of things we haven’t been able to accomplish. What have you had to sacrifice to get where you are? Which of those are bearable and which break your heart? When you’ve identified most pressing of the latter, make an effort to prioritize it. We will always make room for what’s the most important, so do what you need to do to convince yourself that it truly matters.

Candle: Velvet Haze is a luscious and intoxicating scent that provides the perfect backdrop for your soul searching. It warms the heart and soothes the spirit as you navigate the corners of your inner world.

Challenge: Look at the secret desires you have sacrificed in the quest for responsibility, respectability, survival, stability and likability. Identify the one thing you would feel the most sad at never experiencing and find time in your schedule and (if needed) finances to make it happen, even if it means giving up something else.

Scorpio: You might be experiencing some shakeups in your social life, Scorpio! Whether this means a rearranging of the friend group, an unexpected visitor from the past, or being assigned new people to work with, you’re likely to be impacted by the comings and goings of those around you. For some of you, there are people you’re going to need to set boundaries with. For others, you’re going to have to readjust your expectations and approaches for everyone to get along nicely. Virgo season is all about the details, so communicate them clearly!

Candle: The smoky and spiced scent of Haunted Haus is a perfect candle to burn with intention when you need to clear out a presence or energy that’s getting in your way, whether that be a pesky ex or a streak of bad luck.

Challenge: Be patient but clear when it comes to how you interact with those around you. Whether that involves boundary work, self-care, speaking up, shutting up, inviting in or letting go, make it a priority to communicate your needs firmly and follow up as appropriate.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians can expect some extra attention this month, especially when it comes to career and visibility! Whether you’re receiving some long overdue recognition at work or going viral with your latest video, what you do is going to be noticed more than usual. Use this as an opportunity to focus in on your message. You may have a lot to say (with good reason!), but being concise and witty is going to go over better than loquacious pontification.

Candle: While the added heat from the spotlight, grounding becomes extra important. The Earth and Her Moon will encourage you to step into your body and is great for winding down after experiencing some intensity.

Challenge: Our branches can only grow as high as our roots are deep, so prioritize grounding and centering this month. That might mean attending weekly yoga classes, eating more root vegetables or doing body scan meditations before bed – pick a goal that works for you!

Capricorn: The back to school vibes are tickling something in you, Capricorn, and you’re ready to learn! But instead of tackling a new topic, consider exploring something you have some proficiency in from a different angle. Did you get a marketing degree many years ago? Take a social media class from a Gen Z whiz for a different perspective. Have you been knitting since you were a kid? How about learning how to make or dye your own yarn? Your drive for excellence will be very satisfied by the ways you can expand existing knowledge!

Candle: Love & Lavender is the perfect study buddy, with its pleasing balance of uplifting citrus notes are and ultra-relaxing lavender. It’ll help you focus without the stress!

Challenge: Choose something you already know and learn something new about it. Broadening and deepening your existing knowledge will serve you well both personally and professionally!

Aquarius: You may be unconventional, Aquarius, but none of us are immune to having taboos. What are yours? This month is a great time to examine the things that feel or have been forbidden. Sometimes, there’s a good personal or collective reason for us to shy away from something and other times, we’re simply dealing with the consequences of conditioning and value systems that don’t align with our truths. By “going there,” you may be surprised at what you discover!

Candle: The High Priestess card in tarot is a keeper of mysteries and guide through the unknown. We’ve made a candle to honor her so you can burn it as you tread new ground in search of truth.

Challenge: Make a list of things that make you go, “I could never!” Sort it into things that have good reason (like personal and collective health and safety), ones that are true for certain groups (like religious or family norms), ones that are based on your personal standards (like how you choose to treat yourself and others), and ones you question if are actually true (like not wearing white after Labor Day). Then pick a “rule” and break it!

Pisces: Where can you go further together than you can alone, Pisces? This month offers you an opportunity to share the work, whether that’s being assigned a partner for a project, tackling a home renovation with your family, or finding a witness for your feelings by starting therapy. Sometimes it can feel easier to go it alone, but this is not the time. Whether the benefit is getting something done faster, learning a new perspective, or the emotional support of companionship, what’s to be gained is well worth any challenges.

Candle: In the spirit of sharing, we offer you Pass the Cider as your candle of the month! This happy scent is perfect for lifting the mood and diffusing tension whether you’re taking a solo break or making moves together.

Challenge: When you have the option, choose to tackle a task with the help of others. Focus on the positive sides of sharing the work rather than getting caught up in the bumps along the way!

Aries: This is the perfect month for you to make a lasting change, Aries. Sometimes this means adding something into your life, but this month, you’ll benefit most from removing a bad habit. This can be anything from checking social media before getting out of bed to smoking cigarettes. While you may be known as an impulsive sign, never underestimate your determination! The Sun in Virgo adds extra oomph to your efforts. The first two weeks of September, while the Moon is waning, are the best time to gain momentum.

Candle: Our Waning Moon candle an excellent friend to those who are doing the work of releasing something old. Grapefruit is comforting and jasmine will help you be both brave and optimistic!

Challenge: Pick a habit you want to break and make an effort to do so! Find a way to mark your progress, like those “X days since the last incident” signs or a habit tracking coloring page so you can internalize that every day’s progress matters.

Taurus: As a fellow Earth sign, Taurus loves Virgo season. It’s a wonderful time for you to be creative and find enjoyment in the little things. But did you know that part of your unique genius lies in playing with the details? Whereas some people are bold strokes folks, you know how to make the tweaks that turn something from “meh” to “WOW!” So throw some new seasonings in an old recipe. Pick up the art project you discarded and make some unexpected additions. Your next masterpiece may be closer than you think!

Candle: Burn our Pumpkin Coffee candle candle when you want that coffee-induced focus, but it’s too late to actually drink it. Let yourself be inspired by the fall sensation: a surprising tweak can create something iconic!

Challenge: Rather than starting from scratch, give something stale a new life by finguring out how to adjust it. This can be with the precision of a mechanic fine-tuning a race car or the playfulness of an improv group taking unhinged suggestions from audience members. It’s the, “I can work with that!” attitude that matters.

Gemini: Are Geminis known for being a bit messy in one way or another? Absolutely. But we all contain elements of every sign and Virgo season is your yearly invitation to create some order in your environment. Whether this means a closet purge, reorganizing your pantry or weeding the garden, a sincere effort to reduce clutter and increase efficiency will pay off in the long run. You know how to make a boring task fun, so if you’re not feeling motivated, throw on a funny podcast or make a game out of the task at hand.

Candle: Once you’ve completed your home improvement project, you’re gonna want to seal in those nice, clean, organized vibes. Our Seven Sisters candle is a gorgeous blend of sea salt and peony that doubles as a beautiful decor piece!

Challenge: Forget spring cleaning – it’s time for a fall purging and rearranging! Pick a part of your space that could use a little extra love and give it a makeover. Bonus points if you pick somewhere full of supplies and collections that cater to your interests!

Cancer: Something you don’t always get credit for, Cancer, is your intellect. You are actually quite good at seeing how the pieces connect together, especially when it comes to the things of immediate relevance. The Sun’s journey through Virgo puts a focus on optimization, so consider what gaps in knowledge you have and how filling them could benefit you. Your sleuthing could be anything from uncovering all your loved one’s favorite desserts for future birthdays to finally figuring out the local transit system. The sky’s the limit as long as it makes life better!

Candle: Athena’s Library is the perfect scent for times of integrating new information. It honors the sanctity of wisdom by smelling like incense in a library full of old books – the perfect early fall mood!

Challenge: Build your understanding of something that will improve your life, whether practically or though bringing more joy into your life. It’s so much more special to learn something because it matters than because you’re being told to, isn’t it?

Leo: The Sun moves through Virgo during harvest season. What are you ready to reap within yourself, Leo? You have an appreciation for the value of the unique and that can be put to good use. Your ability to notice a cool off-label feature might transform a sales text from a dud to selling like hot cakes, pointing out something funny about yourself on your dating profile might attract your future partner, or refinishing a piece of dinged up furniture might get you a nice stack of cash. Use this vision to get what you want!

Candle: Call in abundant harvest vibe on with Secret Garden, a bountiful blend of mint, lavender, basil and lemon. It’s the ideal companion for your manifestation work!

Challenge: Use your stellar taste and eye for the unusual to uplift your projects! If you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself, “What has no one else noticed about this?” The answer may well be right there where only you can see it.

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here.

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