Sustainability FAQ

Sustainability and eco consciousness is the foundation on which Soy Much Brighter has been built. In a world that runs primarily on web purchases that rely on shipping products to consumers, it's tough not to notice the toll that packing material and single-use packaging is taking on our planet. It's why I've made it my highest priority to source materials from the most sustainably-conscious and earth-minded suppliers to make and ship your candles. The candle making process has also been designed to utilize the least possible electricity using one of the most eco friendly wax melters on the market.

Eco Practices in sourcing supplies

Soy wax made in the USA. Soy is the most sustainable candle wax around due to it's super quick crop regeneration. It's also biodegradable and free from any harmful toxins.

Glass candle jars. All glass candle jars are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again or reused in your home. I also offer a jar send-back option. Shoot me an email for more details. I'll trade your jars for free shipping on your next candle order.

Brown Kraft labels. The brown kraft labels used on the candles are sourced from previously recycled materials.

Eco Practices in shipping your candles

Boxes. Shipping boxes are sourced either from the USPS or reused from shipments I received myself. The USPS makes their boxes with previously recycled materials.

Packing Peanuts. In order to keep your candles safe during the shipping process, they need to be provided with the best possible cushioning. The packing peanuts you'll find in your shipments are made from organic starches and are water-soluble and biodegradable. This means you can run them under water and they'll dissolve right before your eyes!

Bubble Wrap. With the same premise as the packing peanuts, this is necessary for keeping your candles from breaking during shipping. The green bubble wrap is sourced from recycled materials and can be recycled again or reused for shipments of your own.

Tissue. The tissue wrapped around your candle, for the finishing touch, is sourced from recycled materials and can be recycled/reused again.

Tape. Even the tape used to package your boxes is made from eco friendly materials and made from previously recycled materials.

Organic Wax

Soy Much Brighter candles are made from 100% soy wax made in the United States. However, the wax is not sourced from organic soy beans. Although I'd love to make the candles with all organic wax, it isn't possible with soy.

Here's why: only a tiny percentage of soy beans grown in the US are organic. 98% of soy bean harvests have been genetically modified. Additionally, there is no wax (a liquid vegetable oil turned into a solid) on the market that can be classified as "Organic" since the process by which a liquid turns into a solid is considered a chemical change. Any substance that undergoes a chemical change does not qualify for Organic Certification.

This does not negate the fact that soy wax is non-toxic, clean, and safe to burn in your home. It's made from a plant and does not produce any soot in the way it's paraffin wax counterparts do.

Pure Essential oils vs. Fragrance Oils

The candles are crafted with oils that are made from a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils, rather than using pure essential oils.

Here's why: essential oils are extremely high in price compared to fragrance oil/essential oil blends. Some EOs are as much as 6 and 7 times higher in price, comparatively.

Additionally, the process by which essential oils are sourced and made is not environmentally sustainable. In order to produce one pound of essential oil, an enormous amount of a plant is required. For example, to yield one pound of essential oil, you'd need 10,000 lbs of rose petals, 250 lbs of lavender, and 1,500 lemons! In keeping with my number one goal of leaving the smallest footprint possible on this planet, the practices by which essential oils are made do not fit that model of sustainable living.

With this information in mind, it's also super important that I create a candle that is healthy and nontoxic. Rest assured that the oils used in Soy Much Brighter candles are non-toxic, phthalate-free, and safe to burn in your home.