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How to clean candle jars

Those candle jars are too cute to toss! Plus, they are great for up-cycling as a crystal collection jar, pencil holder,
piggy bank, you name it. Saving and reusing the glass jars also reduces our footprint and decreases waste. 


Jar Cleaning instructions

• Remove lid from jar/s
• Set oven to lowest temp
• Line a baking pan with parchment paper
• Place jar/s on pan, giving space between each jar
• Wax should soften after only a few minutes
• Do not leave jars in oven for more than 10 minutes
• Remove baking pan of jars from oven
• Use an oven mitt to carefully discard melted wax
• Be sure to also dispose of the wick/clip/glue
(*Note: The wax does not need to completely melt.
It only needs to soften enough to break it loose from the jar)

Alternative cleaning method

• Place jar in freezer
• Remove & pop out or scrape out wax

Once the wax and wick have been removed

• Clean jar with warm water and soap
• Remove label by running under hot water,
run through the dish washer or soak in warm water