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| Sea -

This is the year of astrology at Soy Much Brighter and we’re rolling out candles for all the signs, one by one! This month is Leo’s time to shine, but we haven’t forgotten about the rest of you. That’s why we’re giving you Candlescopes to match you with a candle that supports the energy you’ll be experiencing during the Sun’s journey through the signs. Read on to discover what to expect this month and an invitation to partake in a challenge unique to your sign that will help you make the most of the current astro weather!

Leo: Your season is finally here, Leo! This is a time to be unapologetic about celebrating yourself. Self-expression is very healing for you, so tap into that main character energy. If your life were a movie, would it be fun to watch? This part better be, though make sure that the target audience is YOU. If there’s ever a time to live up to the stereotypes about your sign, this is it. Permission slip to be extra granted!

Candle: With notes of champagne, lemon and strawberry cake, the Leo candle sure knows how to party! Indulge in this treat of a scent all month long.

Challenge: You have a very playful side, so your challenge is to let it out: sing the songs you loved when you were 11 at the top of your lungs, dress up for a themed local event and/or play tag in the park with your friends. That’s the vibe to embrace!

Virgo: You’ve probably been called an overthinker at some point, dear Virgo, and this time of year, that’s kind of a good thing – as long as you make some tweaks. Your subconscious is extra accessible right now, which means you might get to the bottom of some questions you have about yourself, but logic alone isn’t going to cut it. Making sense isn’t a prerequisite for something to be true. Being gentle, kind and supportive toward yourself is the key. You might get clues in dreams, art and media you encounter, therapy or through synchronicities.

Candle: Burn Goodnight, Moon to relax and lean into your more intuitive side. The grounding vertiver and meditative nag champa scents will support you in trusting the messages you get.

Challenge: Let your intuition step up while your logical side takes the back seat. The quieter parts of you have something to say. This month, pick a practice like pulling one tarot card a day or dream journaling and see what messages emerge.

Libra: Leo season has a tendency to be a social time for you, Libra, and it’s also a time to reflect on your impact on those around you. Your ability to reach others on a heart-to-heart level is heightened, so it’s a good time to share your opinions and ideas about how your communities can be strengthened. The causes and values you are passionate about deserve a spirited platform! Feel very free to get creative about how you do it – ‘tis the season for such things, after all. The results might surprise you.

Candle: Heirloom Tomato is a very green scent that’s comforting while encouraging growth. Imagine gardening while smelling your grandma’s tomato sauce wafting out the kitchen window. 

Challenge: Pick one way you can show up for your community and follow through on it. Think hosting a skillshare event with your friends-of-friends, raising funds for arts programs at public schools or raiding your closet for donations to a local queer org.

Scorpio: This month, you’re invited to enter CEO mode, Scorpio. Your career and reputation are in focus, so make the most of the opportunity. You are known for holding your cards close to your chest, for better or for worse. This month, give the world a taste of what you’re capable of, what your ambitions are, and what you have to offer. There may be opportunities all around you that you aren’t being given for no other reason than that people don’t know you are looking for and worthy of them. 

Candle: The SMB Signature Scent is enticing, featuring tobacco, gingerwood and palo santo. Burn it to tap into that energy while you’re making those bold moves.

Challenge: Finish this sentence: “If there was one thing I wish other noticed about me more, it’s…” Then commit to doing something to make sure that actually happens. 

Sagittarius: This is the time of year for you to change your mind about how you view the world, Sagittarius. You’re a philosophical sign and right now, that’s doubly true. We all make assumptions about the world and when we receive information that challenges it, we can either double down or listen to other perspectives. Shifting what you believe in response what you learn is a sign of strength, so open your mind and your heart to seeing things differently. You’ll be so glad you did.

Candle: Citrus Sunshine is a bright scent with a touch of earthiness from sage. It’ll keep you optimistic as you move through layers of learning and unlearning.

Challenge: Set an intention to be proven wrong about something this month. When you feel resistance in response to information, use it as an invitation to dig deeper and see what you find.

Capricorn: Leo season might bring up some of your triggers, Capricorn. That means that this is a time to lean into your hard-earned resilience. An important part of your path is to master lessons (and they’ll repeat until you do), so consider how you want to respond differently than you have in the past. Regardless of how things turn out in the short term, the act of consciously choosing a new response activates transformative powers that will serve you in the long run. You got this! 

Candle: The Judgement candle is a woodsy delight that can provide some much-appreciated grounding. Burn it when you’re feeling stressed and feel your energy shift.

Challenge: Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to notice when an old pattern is repeating and to do something differently. It doesn’t have to be perfect – what matters is making the shift with awareness!

Aquarius: How you get on with others is going to be a big theme this month, Aquarius. People who are or have been close to you in the past are going to take up extra space in your life, whether in actuality or in your headspace. This is a good time to evaluate what kind of connections you want to have in your life and what you need to do to cultivate them. Invitations to move closer can be an act of love, but so can setting boundaries. 

Candle: Flower Child is a bouquet that reminds you to be light of heart and celebrate the connections that make life worth living.

Challenge: Think of this month as a time to curate what your want your inner circle to be like. Make note of what you learn, whether through journaling, making a vision board or playlist, or having heart-to-hearts with your loved ones.

Pisces: This is the perfect time for you to look at your habits, Pisces. Start by focusing on observation without worrying too much about changing anything. Which are serving you and which are making your life more difficult? Once you’ve taken notes, the Leo New Moon on August 16 is a good time to initiate one meaningful daily or weekly change that will improve your well-being. Make a promise to yourself to stick to it for one entire Moon cycle and watch it get easier and easier!

Candle: Practice forest bathing in scent form with Into the Woods will remind you of your inner strength and commitment to growth.

Challenge: Notice the ways your habits are impacting you before picking one thing to change. Remember that starting small makes it easier to stick to your goals!

Aries: As a fellow Fire sign, your natural passion gets a boost when the Sun is in Leo, Aries. Lean into that desire! Set aside some time to imagine what the perfect day would look like, from start to finish. Don’t skimp on the deets! Then try to give yourself a slice of it every day, even if it means smaller things like treating yourself to your favorite beverage, getting in a good workout or burning your favorite candle.

Candle: Campfire Stories is a smoky, woodsy and slightly sweet scent that will make you nostalgic for good times spent swapping stories around the fire (minus the mosquito bites).

Challenge: Set aside a moment each and every day to give yourself something that you want. Do this as a self-care and self-love practice and remind yourself that you’re worthy of feeling satisfied.

Taurus: Your home is your sanctuary, dear Taurus, and ‘tis the season for tending to it. You and the lion both enjoy the finer things in life, so take some inspiration from this regal sign and give your living space some TLC. While high-budget renovations aren’t on the table for everyone, there’s nothing stopping you from tidying up and decorating the walls. The investment you make in surrounding yourself with your unique ideas of beauty will pay off in peace of mind, creativity and joy.

Candle: The Empress candle is an excellent companion for your interior makeover. The happy floral notes will spark joy as you transform your environment!

Challenge: Pick one part of your home to refresh (start as small as a single shelf if you need to) and shower it with love: a deep clean and a touch of decor will make you feel better and you just might want to continue the home transformations.

Gemini: Leo season has your mind buzzing, Gemini! Ideas are bountiful and you may find that your ability to express yourself is heightened. Consider how you can use your words to create the changes you’re craving. Rewrite your resumé and apply for that dream job. Tell your crush how you really feel. Write a love letter to yourself to read when you are feeling down in the dumps. Sincerity is key – Leo is the sign of the heart, after all, so if it’s not in it, don’t say it.

Candle: A busy mind can be prone to slipping into stress, so light Wild Earth  when you need to slow down and chill out. The smell of greenery will help you breathe easy.

Challenge: Use your words as a tool to uplift yourself and work some magic in your life. Remember, words are spells!


Cancer: Get ready to make those dreams a reality, Cancer! The Sun traveling through Leo puts a focus on your resources, both inner and outer. If you are blessed with a sincere desire, you what it takes to make it happen in one form or another. Get creative! If you want to cook gourmet food but are on a budget, use a window box to grow some nice herbs. If you are looking for love and striking out on the dating apps, ask your friends if they can think of someone to set you up with. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Candle: Waxing Moon is a scent spell that supports you in reaching your goals through providing grounded inspiration.

Challenge: Decide on a goal that you want to prioritize. What do you need to make it happen? Make a list of what you have access to that supports you in that desire and tap into those resources when making moves.

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here.

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