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A collage of Libra-related elements, featuring a pink rose, a statue of Lady Justice holding scales, the symbol for Libra, our Libra candle and the word “Libra.”


| Sea -

Fall is here and since we put those spiced scents you love on the shelves a little early, our first official act on the first day of autumn was to put Libra on display. And that means we’re over halfway through the Zodiac! If we haven’t made your candle yet, it’s not that far away now.

While this month we celebrate the sign that is equal parts beauty queen, human rights lawyer and bae of the year, the rest of us don’t have to feel left out. Candlescopes gives each sign a recommendation for what candle to burn this month, as well as a challenge based on the astro-weather. Read on to discover what scent should fill your home this Libra season!

Libra: Happiest of birthdays, dear Libra! You light up our lives with your kindness, beauty and wit. But your tendency to focus on others can get in the way of your own self-care and -development. This is the month to remedy that! ‘Tis the season for putting yourself first and giving yourself ALL the love, care and treats that you so readily hand out to those around you. You’re smart – know that this investment is sure to pay off!

Candle: Amidst the apples, clove, pumpkin and smoke that we favor this season, the floral and fruity Libra candle is an ode to your ability to make everything seem effortlessly flawless. This sensual perfume of a scent is sure to make you feel like your most elegant self!

Challenge: Take your own advice by doing a perspective shift: If you’d tell your bestie to ask for a raise, wear the statement piece or dump him, do it. So whenever you face a decision, ask, “What would I tell the person I love most to do?” and go with that.

Scorpio: Spooky season arrives a bit early for you, as this month is the time of year that you have the greatest access to insights about the most challenging parts of your psyche. You have a tendency to notice these things in others, but right now, the spotlight is on what’s causing you to stumble. Have some self-compassion and focus on observation rather than taking action. Step one is understanding the problem.

Candle: Looking at the shadow side of life can feel a bit heavy, even for those of us (*cough* Scorpio *cough*) who are practically pros at it. Into the Woods is a grounding and stabilizing forest scent that is the perfect companion in moments of heaviness.

Challenge: Pay extra attention to anything fills you with fear, anxiety, sadness, etc. Instead of trying to avoid or ignore it, keep a list. After a few weeks, see if you can identify any patterns or common factors. Understanding doesn’t fix everything, but having the awareness lets you start seeing solutions that wouldn’t show up otherwise.

Sagittarius: When the Sun visits Libra, you have the opportunity to make important connections in your extended network, Sagittarius. This is a time for gathering around the water cooler, so to speak, and actually talking to people. There is so much available to us when we actually name what’s going on, both in terms of how we can give and receive support. You never know who’s going to have the perfect job opening or zucchini bread recipe until you say you’re looking for it!

Candle: Pass the Cider is a scent that embodies the spirit of community you are looking for. This apple-forward delight spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove is sure to be a hit at your next game night, networking event, or support group!

Challenge: Set an intention for the type of person you need in your life right now. This might be a role (mentor, romantic partner, hair stylist, etc.) or someone with certain characteristics (shares your hobby, makes you feel appreciated, enjoys your sense of humor, etc.). Now here’s the magic part: Ask people to help you find this person! You may be pleasantly surprised at who knows someone.

Capricorn: You may have a reputation for being a bit of a workaholic, Capricorn, but this is a time to work smarter, not harder. There are opportunities for you to advance in your career or other public projects, but there’s no guarantee that hours spent behind the scenes are going to be noticed. Being visible is what counts this month, so step out of your comfort zone and do something bold that captures attention!

Candle: To pump yourself up for making moves, light up some Velvet Haze! This intoxicating blend will have you feeling so good that you’ll say, “Eff it, I’m gonna do the thing that I normally wouldn’t have the audacity for!” That’s the spirit.

Challenge: Identify someone(s) who could help you make moves toward your dream. Do something that they’ll notice and appreciate: answer a call for volunteers, drop off a homemade treat, or tag them in a post where you express appreciation for how they’ve impacted you. Are you being a suck-up? Maybe a little, but this is a monthly challenge. It only works because you put in the work the rest of the year.

Aquarius: Libra season is all about teaming up. Take advantage of this spirit of friendliness, Aquarius, and look for opportunities to gather together, especially if it involves some form of learning. Whether you’re organizing a study group (for school or personal interest) or asking a friend to teach you how to can tomatoes in exchange for helping them figure out the best gaming setup within their budget, sharing is caring!

Candle: Learning requires concentration and the woodsy notes in Waxing Moon will help you do just that! Cedar is excellent for increasing focus while juniper is reduces stress, which creates a positive atmosphere for exploring something new.

Challenge: Focus on learning something new this month. But instead of jumping on Google, see if you can find another human to teach you in an interactive manner or even someone to learn alongside you. Yes, it’s convenient to look things up, but nothing beats the personal touch of discussing and debating topics out loud.

Pisces: This could be a pretty intense month for you, sweet Pisces. Whatever life throws your way, know that balancing the intuition you are well-known for with getting support is going to be key right now. You may need some advice, but trust your gut in deciding which parts to follow. Alternately, check in with a logical friend on how to execute a the plan that came to you in a dream or tarot reading.

Candle: The Hierophant is a tarot-inspired candle that calls upon the wisdom of tradition while encouraging you to trust the mystical. Lavender, rosewood, sage and sea salt join together to ease you into a state receptive to the wisdom that awaits you when you seek it sincerely.

Challenge: When faced with a decision or challenge, make sure to consult with both your inner wisdom and an external source. This is a process that’s going to serve you well when dealing with topics that bring up a lot of feelings and/or put you under pressure, so the practice you put in now will pay off moving forward, too!

Aries: Close partnerships are a focus for you during Libra season, Aries. And because this sign has a special focus on beauty and pleasure, this is an excellent time to show some extra care to those that are your nearest collaborators. Whether you plan a romantic getaway to bask in the glow of fall leaves at sunset or treat your business partner to a meal at the hottest new restaurant, taking the time to show appreciation in an enjoyable way will strengthen your relationships.

Candle: Set the vibe for your together time with Ritual Offering, a dessert blend from our Fall Folklore collection. Notes of maple, chai and bourbon work together to create an irresistible aroma that will entice you to offer each other a deeper connection.

Challenge: Who is your closest partner, romantic or otherwise? Set aside some time to bask in each other’s company. Bonus points if this get-together involves getting fancy, appreciating art, feasting on something delicious, and/or enjoying the finer things in life. Make it special to show how much you value them!

Taurus: Your everyday habits play a huge part in how you experience life and as a Venus-ruled sign (Libra’s twin, in this regard), making these mundane tasks as enjoyable as possible is the key to your success, Taurus. Saving your favorite podcast for when you do the dishes or rocking your cutest work-out gear the gym sets a different tone than treating those things purely as chores.

Candle: You’re a sign that understands setting the mood, so may we recommend Campfire Stories? The scent of smoke will light your inner fire, fir keeps it going strong, and the sweetness of vanilla is a nice reward. Warning: You may need to treat yourself to a s’more once your sense memory is activated!

Challenge: Choose one habit to make your priority this month. Brainstorm ways that you can make it more enjoyable and try a different one each week to see which are most effective. And if you need to motivate yourself with a prize, there’s nothing wrong with that! (Candles are great for this, by the way.)

Gemini: As a quick-witted sign, you are never short for ideas, Gemini. But this means you don’t always have the attention span to follow through. The nice thing about Libra season is that your creative expression is at its height, so take advantage! It will take some discipline to stick to one thing (or maybe two), but seeing the end-result of something that only you could’ve created will be so worth it. Promise.

Candle: Indigo Prism is a blend that’s as unique as you ideas. Black amber, orange peel and plum mix to create a complex but clean aroma. It’ll keep you curious and creative, or in other words, aligned with some of your best traits!

Challenge: Set aside 30 minutes a day to work on a project you’ll enjoy. Yes, getting up early or saying no to going out might be necessary to make that happen, but half an hour each day over a month is 15 whole hours. That’s a substantial effort! Your brilliance and self-expression are worth it.

Cancer: It’s nesting season for you, Cancer. A cozy home is a balancing force in your life, so tending to your space is a worthwhile investment in your well-being. You’re the sentimental type, so consider how the object in your space are impacting you. The Marie Kondo method of checking if something “sparks joy” fits your intuitive nature, so pay attention to the emotions you feel when you look at and interact with the things you own.

Candle: You know what’s gonna make your home feel extra good? A warm scent like Chai Love You a Latte. Spicy cinnamon and clove mix with vanilla to evoke a favorite beverage. It’ll keep you feeling uplifted as you show your living space some extra love.

Challenge: There’s nothing that satisfies you quite like a home that vibes with your personal taste, so a mini-makeover of your space is called for. But “in with the new” is best paired with “out with the old,” so before you get ready hang up that dreamy art print you found at the fall fair, say goodbye to the poster your ex gave you that only brings up bad memories.

Leo: Communication is going to be a big theme for you this month, Leo. And since your ruler, the Sun, is in Libra, you better make it pretty and/or kind! Whether this means refining your words to make a heartachingly beautiful poem or blurting out, “I can’t even with how good that looks!” when your bestie gets a haircut is up to you. The point is to use your words to uplift yourself and those around you.

Candle: If you need some inspiration to make the words flow, light up Smokey Quartz. This deep and smokey scent is a total mood setter from our Fall Folklore collection that will speak to your affinity for all things rich, luxe and fiery.

Challenge: Pay extra attention to how you use your words this month. You’re a natural performer, so think of it as putting on a show! How can adding a little razzle-dazzle to an otherwise boring work email get you the results you want? How you say it matters just as much as what you’re saying.

Virgo: You’re known for being practical, Virgo, whereas your next-door sign of Libra is seen as the more aesthetic one. But the truth is that you do value beauty – but it should be a matter of form AND function, not just something that looks nice. This is a time to appreciate and apply your excellent discernment. Spending a little extra (whether it be time and/or money) to get what you truly want is better than settling.

Candle: Speaking of the best things, have you tried the SMB Signature Scent? Tobacco, gingerwood and palo santo mingle together to create a rich and sensual scent-scape that the most discerning candle connoisseurs (AKA you) are obsessed with.

Challenge: When you add something to your life this month, pay attention to its quality. That well-made sweater may cost a bit more upfront than the fast fashion version, but it’ll outlast it by decades. Similar judgments can be made about how and with whom you spend your time.

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here.

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