• Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Free from harmful chemicals

    Candles you can trust to burn in your home with your family.

    Soy Much Brighter candles are made with: soy wax sourced from US grown soy beans, phthalate-free oil blends, and recyclable containers.

Pick of the Season: Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa is bold, classic, and a sweet addition to your Winter burning collection. Velvety chocolate is fused with sweet marshmallow fragrance, keeping your space cozy as heck.  

Candles that are grounded in sustainability & magic

Learn more about Soy Much Brighter's sustainability promise. 

  • The maker & the mess

    Candle making is messy! But it's the light of my life and I'm so glad you're here to bring these creations into your cozy homes.

  • The Process

Here's what folks are saying!

  • "I like the complexity of scents in this candle (Citrus Sunshine)! SoyMuchBrighter's candles always smell wonderful! Shipping was quick and the candles were well-packaged in an environmentally conscious manner. 10/10 would buy again."


  • "Got the Campfire Stories for my mom and she is RAVING about them- She loves the scent and how environmentally conscious the seller is. I'm tempted to buy some for myself now!"


  • "I'm so happy with my purchase! Fancy Face really has an amber scent that comes through beautifully. The scent carries well without being overwhelming and I live the wooden wick. I will definitely purchase again."