• Scents to relish in the season

    Hold on to Summer with peach, strawberry, grapefruit, and coconut!

  • Summers by the water

    Complimented by sweet drinks and sweet aromas

Pick of the Season: Wild Earth

Wild Earth is a blend of green foliage & patchouli. 

A summery elixir, with holistic & earthy top notes and notable floral undertones. Patchouli's impact on our hormones encourages the release of dopamine and serotonin, which are known to ease anger, depression, and anxiousness. The permeating woodsy, green notes provide calming and happy affects on the body.

Head Candle Witch

Each candle is hand poured by me,  in small batches to ensure the highest quality burn. I am your scent creator, e-mail responder, label printer & maker, shipping associate, content developer, & quality control specialist. Thank you for your love and support for this small,  woman-run business. 

Candles that are grounded in sustainability & magic

Learn more about Soy Much Brighter's sustainability promise. 

Here's what folks are saying!

  • "I like the complexity of scents in this candle (Citrus Sunshine)! SoyMuchBrighter's candles always smell wonderful! Shipping was quick and the candles were well-packaged in an environmentally conscious manner. 10/10 would buy again."


  • "Got the Campfire Stories for my mom and she is RAVING about them- She loves the scent and how environmentally conscious the seller is. I'm tempted to buy some for myself now!"


  • "I'm so happy with my purchase! Fancy Face really has an amber scent that comes through beautifully. The scent carries well without being overwhelming and I live the wooden wick. I will definitely purchase again."