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About Soy Much Brighter


~ Quirky. Sustainable. Accessible ~

The goal of Soy Much Brighter is to make great smelling fragrances that lift moods and create memories. Our mission is to create joy, peace, comfort, and nostalgia while keeping sustainability and affordability at the top of the priority list.

We lead with transparency and a strong value system. We want to offer the community a great smelling product that doesn’t come at the expense of animals, people, or the environment. Our candles are made with intention, a little bit of magic and tons of love. 

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Soy Much Brighter is made up of a team of super rad folks who are obsessed with candles, candle making, and slinging candles! Part of our team spends their days pouring yummy candles in our workshop. And the other part of our team is up front in the shop selling them to you! Our front of the house team knows the ins and outs of our candle scents and candle management, while our back of the house crew knows the ABCs of candle making like the back of their hand. Our brick and mortar soy candle shop also features products made by hand by other small businesses around the country and beyond. Give us a visit and we'll show ya! 


I'm Katie! I started making candles because I wanted a nontoxic, vegan, and adorable candle to burn in my home. I knew that's what you were looking for, too. This candle had to be environmentally sustainable and clean burning. I wanted you to get the most out of your dollars from what I made and feel good about it’s low environmental impact. All the while, having something pretty to look at that provides conscious self-care.

So. What is it that you’re looking for in your self-care routine? Nostalgia? Peace? Energy? Inspiration? Looking to impress guests with your impeccable taste in scents? Or maybe you just need to cover up that pet smell they so lovingly leave behind? Whatever it is, we've got your back, Jack. (Or Jane. But that doesn't rhyme.)

Katie Upchurch founder of Soy Much Brighter Candle Co in Beverly, Ma