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Scorpio is the eighth sign out of twelve, so we’re one month closer and solidly over halfway to giving each sign their proper scent. And while we wait for that February day when the circle becomes complete, resident astrologer Sea is writing Candlescopes to provide each sign a custom recommendation for the energy of the month ahead.

Doomsday dramatics are a Scorpio vibe, so let’s lean into the fact that we’ve got a lunar eclipse on October 28. These typically signify big shifts and integrations, which Scorpios are no strangers to navigating. Transforming them, if you will. So where in your life will you experience a shakeup? Read on to find out!

Scorpio: New year, new you is especially true for this birthday, Scorpio. With an eclipse happening during your season, this is a sign that the old you is ready to fade into the night. But this isn’t some nook or cranny hidden deep in your soul. No, this is a part of you that you’re actually public about. Is it time to enter a new fashion era? Change your pronouns? Own the fact that you truly are an artist or entrepreneur instead of hiding behind your day job? The grand reveal is up to you!

Candle: Let the Scorpio candle provide the scentscape for your transformation. Mystery practically oozes from this blend of santal, musk and amber, creating a liminal space where things aren’t quite what they seem and magical shifts are probable, not just possible.

Challenge: Create some sort of mourning ritual or even a symbolic funeral for your old self. Write an obituary or eulogy and read it over something representing who you were, then burn or bury it. Dramatic? Yes, but the kind that you live for!

Sagittarius: This eclipse opens up a portal for you, Sagittarius. One that creates a bridge between your daily habits and your mental health. What you believe about yourself allows you to change your actions, which in turn reshapes how you feel about yourself. The more you can strengthen this connection through conscious action and naming the process and benefits, the better the long-term results will be.

Candle: Making shifts can sometimes leave us feeling ungrounded. The Judgement candle is a woodsy blend that’s made to help you relax into new insights and feel present enough to move them into action. Burn it while you grow those new roots!

Challenge: Identify a change you’d like to make to your habits and routines, then make a statement that affirms why you are able to do that. For example, “I’m the type of person who wakes up half an hour early to write in my journal because I prioritize exploring my inner landscape.” Say it to yourself (multiple times) each day.

Capricorn: It’s hard to accept for someone as self-sufficient as you, Capricorn, but without community, we suffocate. And for you to unlock deeper creativity, joy and pleasure this Scorpio season, you’re gonna need a little help from your friends. Making time for enjoying the company of others is key to your overall well-being. All work and no play makes Capricorn a dull babe.

Candle: Get into the seasonal spirit with our luxurious Poison Apple candle. This favorite from the Fall Folklore collection sure is sweet as caramel, but it has some biting clove to satisfy your more cynical side. Perfect!

Challenge: Say yes to spending more time around people. Attend your coworker’s Halloween bash, gather your siblings for brunch, offer to teach your friend how to knit, attend a protest or sign up for a speed dating event. Even if it feels awkward. It’ll unlock something in you.

Aquarius: Your work-life balance may be due for a shakeup, Aquarius. If one of them is taking up too much space, make room for the other. But it’s also a matter of what’s going on, not just proportions. If sleep is your only form of rest, that’s a problem. If your job isn’t bringing out your best self, see what changes can be made to make you feel more in alignment. With an eclipse happening, pay attention to where you’re being forced to change and be smart about how you do it.

Candle: This month’s candle is as unique as you are: It’s our Signature Scent! Perfect for both the office and the living room, this blend of tobacco, gingerwood and palo santo is frequently an instant YES! when we hand it to shop customers for a sniff. So trust us that it’ll become a favorite.

Challenge: Spend this month with an attitude of integration, especially when it comes to your career and your home. Instead of saying yes to coming in an extra day, ask if you can tackle the project remotely. Treat getting your chores done as a job, not just something to do if you have extra time and feel like it. Boundaries and discipline are your friends.

Pisces: Scorpio season is a time when you get to focus on increasing your understanding, dear Pisces. Think big and broad when it comes to the information you take in, but the eclipse encourages you to be simple and specific in your applications. There are always everyday ways to work with grand concepts: Chemistry helps us in the kitchen and art history can inform our wardrobes.

Candle: Athena’s Library was blended to evoke the feeling of old books and a cozy corner to read them in. This combination of musk and woodsy notes is the perfect companion for taking in big ideas and dreaming up ways to use them.

Challenge: Pick up a book that’s been in your to-be-read pile or pull up that online course you never finished. As you work your way through it, think of one way to apply what you’re learning each time you wrap up your study session.

Aries: It’s time to work some magic, Aries, and we’re talking the practical kind. This time of year always gives you a boost in the whatever hidden powers you have, but in 2023 it is all about using them for tangible results. While this isn’t a “set it and forget it” with instant results, it’s kind of like knowing when to plant seeds. You have a better chance of it working out, but you still need to water and tend to them!

Candle: To keep your faith in results alive, burn some Wild Earth. The stress-relieving patchouli, green foliage and rosewood remind you that while the leaves may be shriveling up and falling outside, life will always return. Everything in time.

Challenge: To whatever degree feels right for you, get witchy! This can be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal for blessings that haven’t arrived yet or as complex as a Samhain ritual using ceremonial magic. But remember, you’re asking for something tangible. You should be able to recognize your result when it arrives.

Taurus: The lunar eclipse is happening in your sign, Taurus! This means that things might get a little extra shaken up for you, but don’t stress too much. It’s only there to prompt necessary changes. Something you might want to ponder is what those nearest to you can teach you about yourself. We are very attached to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and sometimes, another perspective is just the thing that gives us the boost we need to level up.

Candle: Start a Full Moon candle on October 28 and dedicate it to every shift in your life moving you closer to yourself and what really matters to you. Every time you light this tranquil blend of sandalwood, tangerine and patchouli, express gratitude for a new way your life has improved since the last burn sesh.

Challenge: Ask the people you care the most about questions about how they see you. Why did they decide to befriend you? What qualities of yours do they admire? What do they think you’re meant to learn in this life? Keep an open heart and mind, assume good intentions, and take notes to come back to later.

Gemini: Question, Gemini: What’s driving you nuts about the ho-hum of life – and what does that say about you? Every thing that bores or annoys you about everyday existence is an invitation to explore your inner workings. Let’s say you hate doing the dishes every day. Some people love it. This doesn’t mean that you have to take another perspective. But looking at why you have a viewpoint or preferences can help you get unstuck.

Candle: There is magic in the mundane, you know. And with Ritual Offering, the simple act of lighting and tending to a candle becomes a spell that smells like a treat. Let the notes of maple, chai and bourbon enchant otherwise boring tasks.

Challenge: Pay attention to the feelings that your habits and routines bring up in you. Is your body or subconscious trying to communicate something to you? This might be an idea that’s ready to be released, a wound that calls for healing, or an invitation to spice things up with some change. Listen to the messages and act on them.

Cancer: This month has a clear invitation for you, Cancer: Do the things you love with purpose. You have a big heart that wants to make everything better and sometimes you get lost in sorrow because of it. Remember that enjoying yourself is healthy. And if you can combine it with something meaningful, well, all the better. Gather the crew to supercharge the experience.

Candle: With a lunar eclipse happening, a candle dedicated to your ruler is just the thing for you. Goodnight, Moon blends vetiver and nag champa to create the perfect scent to ease into the evening. Burn it to uplift your heart with gentle calm as you release the stressors that weigh you down.

Challenge: Step beyond escapism and indulgence and weave meaning through enjoyment. Invite a friend who’s having a hard time to movie night. Buy a fun magazine subscription from the middle school fundraiser. Volunteer to teach a younger cousin how to can applesauce just like grandma taught you. Purpose adds to pleasure.

Leo: You may have the spirit of a superstar, Leo, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend your whole life on the stage. When the Sun visits Scorpio, it’s time for nesting and resting. Yes, you’re allowed to steal the show with your bedazzled and/or blood-soaked Halloween costume, but don’t spend the whole month seeking the spotlight. A hefty dose of downtime is actually just the thing you need to open up new opportunities (and have the energy to seize them).

Candle: If you’re going to spend more time at home, why not set the mood with Haunted Haus? This fall-time favorite is an enticing blend of smoke and clove that will tickle your love of drama. At-home séance fully optional.

Challenge: Your home is your castle, so spend some time taking care of and enjoying it. Whether that means deep cleaning the bathroom or decking the halls for one holiday after another is up to you. What matters is grounding into your space and yourself – we all have to do it at some point and this month, it’s your turn.

Virgo: Wisdom and knowledge come naturally to you, Virgo. And this month, you’re invited to learn about your surroundings. What people populated the land around you 1000 years ago? Which plants and animals are native to your immediate environment? Which architectural styles can be found in your neighborhood? Exploring these questions with attention to detail will provide grounding and perspective throughout the upheaval of eclipse season.

Candle: What fall study session is complete without some Pumpkin Coffee? Have your fill of invigoration without the caffeine crash by consuming it in candle form. Make sure to stock up so you won’t run out until next fall!

Challenge: Go for a walk in your neighborhood and notice what draws your attention. Which questions do you ask yourself as a result? Get really detailed. Then pick 1-3 to study in depth throughout the month. Enjoy the rabbit holes, but remember to bring it back to your focus when you get off track.

Libra: You are a generous soul, Libra, and we love you for it. So this month, you have the opportunity to be a fairy godmother (wand waving and ball gowns encouraged). The trick is not to give and give without discrimination. That’s the recipe for a burned out Cinderella. No, this is a time to tune into the energy of Scorpio and be sneaky and deliberate about it. Take a peek at your challenge for a suggestion about how.

Candle: Operating in secret doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some flowers for your good deeds. Grab yourself a Flower Child candle to fill your environment with the delicate smells of jasmine and orange blossom. Aaaaah. Life is beautiful.

Challenge: Notice an unmet need that tugs at you and find a way to fill it from the shadows out of the goodness of your heart. When you keep your eyes and ears peeled, you’ll pick up opportunities to be of service. Drop some hot soup off at your sick friend’s house and run. Write an anonymous thank you note to your kid’s stressed out teacher. Quietly gather the trash at the block party. Remember: Do it because you care.

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here.

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