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The Friends Forever Studio project!!!

The Friends Forever Studio project!!!

| Katie Upchurch

Here at Soy Much Brighter, we're diving into a new project under the same roof as our current brick and mortar/workspace. It's called the Friends Forever Studio and it's going to be a workshop space for the community to come and learn, play, create, and make some friends along the way. 

We'll have local teachers, practitioners, and creatives come to the studio to lead workshops on their craft. Some of the workshops we're planning to host are candle making, painting, watercolor, crochet, terrarium building, book binding, paper making, block printing. We're also planning on events and activities like yoga, moon circles, meditation, guided journaling, plant swaps, clothing swaps, and other very cute popup events!

The studio theme is 90's nostalgia. Think: bean bag chairs, lava lamps, Furbies, N'SYNC posters, see through tech, beanie babies!?! And you better believe we'll be putting together some gatherings for friendship bracelet making!

So where's the studio going to be?
We are scaling back on large scale candle manufacturing (still making candles though, don't worry!) and renovating our current candle making warehouse. The warehouse will turn into the studio. It's located in the back area of our brick and mortar shop (285 Rantoul St). The entrance to the studio will be on the side of our building right on Pond St. 
When will it open?
Summer 2024!
How are you going to make it happen?
We're running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to help us renovate the space and get in new furniture for the classes we'll be hosting. 
Back the Kickstarter here: Friends Forever Kickstarter
We'll be replacing some old walls that are falling apart, as well as new flooring, painting the ceiling and walls, pulling out outdated electrical work, and some other aesthetic things to make the space pretty. 
Can I teach a class?
Heck yes! Email us at and let us know what your specialty is.
How much will the classes cost?
They will range in cost depending on the type of class and materials involved. We think the range will be anywhere from $20 - $100ish.
We can't wait to get renovations underway and start hosting some fun classes for Beverly!!

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