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| Sea -

It’s the birth year of the Zodiac Collection and there are still eight signs awaiting their time to shine, Soy Much Brighter-style. To tide you over, our resident astrologer, Sea, is offering every sign insight into the current Cancer season and a candle recommendation to go with it. Because we like doing something about the circumstances we are handed by the astro-weather, there is also a monthly challenge for each sign to take inspiration from Cancer and walk their own unique little sideways crabwalk.

Cancer: It’s your season, Cancer! And while you’re known to fiercely nurture and defend your loved ones, this is a time of year when you need to refocus that energy on yourself. Crawl into that crabby little shell for a rest and while you’re there, take some time to sort out what makes you want to withdraw from the world on a regular basis. Those energy drains will get you eventually, so don’t be afraid to cut some ties, delegate some tasks and/or practice saying no.

Candle: Celebrate your birthday by lighting up the Cancer candle. If you close your eyes when you blow it out, you can pretend you’re on a beach vacay as you make a wish!

Challenge: Your kind heart wants everyone to be happy, but this month, prioritize your own peace. Keep a tally of the times you choose yourself as a reminder it wasn’t the end of the world!

Leo: Cancer season is the perfect time to reflect on the last year. Honor what went well, but also dream big for what you’d like to be different during your next trip around the Sun. Your subconscious mind is more accessible to you at this time, so explore freely. What do you actually want, dear Leo? What is standing in the way of getting it? (Hint: Take an appropriate amount of responsibility.) Pay attention to your dreams as well – they contain important clues.

Candle: Whether you’re celebrating or the vibes get a bit heavy, Flower Child is the floral bouquet that will lift your mood without ever wilting.

Challenge: Make a list of things you hope to have or experience in the next year. For each one, list the first step you can take and then do them.

Virgo: You are so capable, Virgo. And it’s so frustrating that the world is the way it is. While you have some great ideas for how things could be better, it’s not in your individual power to implement policies that will eliminate hunger or give everyone access to the healthcare they need and deserve. That being said, this month is a time when your acts of service have a bigger impact than usual. Bring dinner to a sick a friend, go to a protest, or Venmo some cash to a surgery fund. Small acts make a big difference to those impacted. 

Candle: Wild Earth is a grounding stress-reliever that aligns with your vision for a future where everyone is cared for. 

Challenge: Do an act of service that represents a larger ideal you’d like to see more of in the world. For example, clean up trash at a beach to support healthy oceans.

Libra: Do you have an idea you’ve been putting off letting people know about, Libra? Are you hoping to teach a class, sell a product, put on an art show, suggest a change that will make your workplace better, or ask for a collaboration? The Sun is shining on your chart in a way that makes people pay attention, so now’s a perfect time! Give yourself a little pep talk, then get to hyping your ideas and projects to others. 

Candle: Indigo Prism is an inspiring scent that makes excellent company as you put yourself and your vision out there.

Challenge: Pick an idea that excites you and bring it into the world in a meaningful, concrete way. No one can support what you’re keeping secret! 

Scorpio: You’re known for being deep, Scorpio, and this month is the perfect time to plumb the depths of your personal philosophy and worldview. What do you believe and why? Are there assumptions you were given that have been unexamined? Have you outgrown beliefs now that you have more life experience? This type of self-reflection can be challenging and rewarding in and of itself, but taking steps to live more in alignment with your shifted perspective is where it’s at.

Candle: The intoxicating vibes of Velvet Haze invite you to enter a flow state. Burn it while contemplate the mysteries of the universe and your place in it.

Challenge: Identify a belief or perspective that no longer serves you. Devote a therapy or journaling session to examining how you got it, what it’s done for you, why you’re ready to release it and what you’d like to take its place. 

Sagittarius: When the Sun is in Cancer, Sagittarians become alchemists. This month is your portal for transformation. What rubbish can you turn to gold? When you encounter challenging circumstances, use them as raw ingredients. Didn’t get that promotion at work? Take all the reasons you should’ve and update your resume before sending it out. Breakup? Cue the makeover scene where you rock the outfit your ex hated and take yourself out on the solo date of a lifetime. Remember, the magic is YOU. 

Candle: Campfire Stories is just what it sounds like: smoky, woodsy and a little bit sweet because obviously, you’re roasting marshmallows in this scenario. It brings outdoor adventure vibes to your inner work.

Challenge: Pick a sucky circumstance and brainstorm 5 ways you can use it to emerge more powerful. Choose at least one to go all in on.

Capricorn: The Cancer Sun spotlights your relationships, Capricorn. There might be a lot going on with the people around you – or their absence brings a deafening silence. And when the Full Moon shines in your sign on July 3, your role in your relationships becomes highlighted. This is a perfect day to set the standard for your connections over the next year, both magically and through real-world actions. 

Candle: The sandalwood, tangerine and patchouli scents of the Full Moon candle will help you find tranquility as you navigate the interpersonal intensity around you.

Challenge: Make a request, set that boundary, or write a list of qualities your perfect loved one would have and let it sit in the light of the Full Moon overnight before sticking it on your vision board.  

Aquarius: We know you love novelty, Aquarius. But consistency has its merits, too! Cancer season is the perfect time for you to sort out how to make a habit stick. And there’s no shame in how you make that happen! If you need to put stickers on a chart, only let yourself listen to your favorite podcast if you’re doing the thing, or reward yourself with a little treat, do that. And if you can stick to your habit for a month, well… Who’s to say you can’t keep going? 

Candle: Spring Fling is a clean and refreshing scent that will see you through any task. Pro tip: Light it when you start working on something you’ve put off and don’t stop until the melted wax has reached the edges!

Challenge: No matter how many times you may have tried and failed (or put off trying altogether), give implementing a habit another shot. Use any trick you need to make it happen!

Pisces: There’s a special time of year when enjoyment and creativity should move to the top of the to-do list. And for Pisces, it’s when the Sun is in Cancer. This is your time to soak in the goodness of life and remember it’s not that bad (despite all the reasons it is that bad). Beauty is a form of medicine and letting yourself bask in art, music and the wonders of nature heals the soul. Whether you’re a creator or an appreciative spectator, give yourself this gift.

Candle: Great for date night and creative projects alike, Love & Lavender is a crowd pleaser that is calming thanks to lavender, but not too sleepy thanks to citrus.

Challenge: Set aside a chunk of time for doing the things you love, whether it’s a weekend getaway to hike your favorite mountain or an hour a week where you bring out the paint and have at it without worrying about the results.

Aries: Aries is a sign that’s always up to something. There’s so much in life to explore that sometimes, the basics get neglected. This month, take some time to look at what you truly need. Are you using excitement to compensate for a lacking sense of safety? Is your messy apartment keeping you from inviting your crush over? Are your jokes about your childhood actually a plea for deeper healing? Slow down and put tending to those needs on the agenda. You deserve that.

Candle: Peach Patch is the juiciest scent we have. (Warning: It might make you drool.) Burn it to ease some tension as you care for yourself.  

Challenge: Sit down with a journal and write “I need…” at the top of the page. Make the longest list you can. After you’re done, circle the three things you want to prioritize and come up with a plan for how to provide that to yourself. 

Taurus: You may be known for being stubborn, Taurus, but you are by no means heartless. And Cancer season is the perfect time to show those who have grown alongside you some love. Look at those you share history with and spend some time with those you can be silly, fun and more fully yourself with. This might be a happy hour reunion with college roommates, a Zoom call with the cousins you haven’t seen since the last family wedding, or a cookout with your favorite coworkers. Let that warmth reinvigorate you.

Candle: Whether you have siblings or not, the Seven Sisters candle brings the feelings of cheerful love and good times to the forefront, just like dancing the night away in a seaside garden.

Challenge: Reconnect with someone whose love has deeply impacted you and let them know how much you appreciate it.

Gemini: What do you most value, Gemini? Because this month, it deserves some attention. If you’re always going on about how much something means to you, but not devoting time to cultivating it, you’re missing out. Is loyalty important? Delete that cheating ex’s number and show up to your friend’s drag debut. Do you rage post about funds for school lunches being cut? Drop off some groceries at your local food pantry. When you walk the talk, you can more effectively make your point and call in more of what you want. 

Candle: Heirloom Tomato’s note of grass and tomato are invigorating and playful, which are feelings you almost certainly value!

Challenge: Make a list of three ideals or feelings that are important to you, then do something to experience more of each of them this month. 

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here.

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