Reed Diffuser: Moon Phase Collection - Waxing Moon // Juniper + Cedar

  • $22.00
Moon: Waxing
Focus: Clarity
Aromatherapy: Juniper + Cedar

While our moon is waxing, practice harnessing abundance, attraction, and higher energy. Push yourself to complete those to-do lists, reach those goals, and finish projects. Prioritize things that are most important. Take in the Waxing Moon reed diffuser with juniper + cedar to summon inspiration and help to clear the air on what needs to be done in your work, in your home, in your relationships, & in your life!

Juniper & cedar were blended together to give you that positive nudge you need to put your goals in motion. Absorb the woody notes and let your mind wander into an inspirational force field. Juniper draws in supportive influences & positive attention. Cedar allows you to focus & concentrate.

• Cruelty free + non-toxic
• Phthalate-free oil blend
• 4oz
• Amber glass jar
• Enjoy for 4+ months