The Tarot Collection: The Hierophant

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The Tarot series is the birth child of Heidi Phelps and SMB. Each scent was crafted as a tool to use alongside your daily tarot work. The blends are on the softer side, meant to ease a subtle aroma into your space, as you pull your cards. Use each scent to enhance, restore, and reflect.

About The Hierophant, from Heidi's interpretation:

"The Hierophant represents the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds. She’s a teacher and guide that can help you unlock mysteries and decipher codes.

Traditionally, this card makes references to the Pope and is the male counterpart to the High Priestess. But since we’re not formally dealing with male figures in this deck, I took inspiration from masculine/papal signifiers (the shape of her hair resembles a pope’s hat, for example) and consider her more of a partner to the High Priestess"

Label art work mastered by Heidi Phelps of Washington, DC. Follow her work here:

Scent Deets:

Lavender + Rosewood + Sage + Sea Salt

Lavender: calm, anti-anxiety, better sleep
Rosewood: memory booster, dopamine stimulant
Sage: cleansing, clarity, balance
Sea Salt: restful sleep


Candle Deets:

12oz Soy wax, Cruelty-free, Vegan

60+ hour burn time

Cotton Wick

Recyclable glass jar

Golden lid

Add on Heidi's tarot deck here!

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