Thai Lemongrass: Lemongrass + Asian Lilly || 4oz

  • $9.00

**Due to a delay in supply shipment, the black lid pictured on this candle will not be in stock for a few months. This candle will come with a GOLD lid instead. It's cute, I promise!**

Lemongrass is a classic scent note known to relieve stress and anxiety. It has also been found to dissipate insomnia, due to the relaxing permeating properties. As a plus, lemongrass lends a hand in deodorizing your space of unwanted smells. 

• 4 ounces

• Cruelty-free + vegan + non toxic

• 100% soy wax sourced from the US

• Phthalate-free oil blend

• Brown kraft, recycled label

• Lead-free cotton wick

• Black lid

• Recyclable/Reusable glass mason jar

• 25+ Hour burn-time