Sweaters & Candy Canes: Peppermint & Eucalyptus || 4oz

  • $13.50

Sweaters & Candy Canes is a unique take on a holiday peppermint scent, since eucalyptus is included in the blend. Peppermint increases mental awareness and contains natural energy boosting attributes. Also from the mint family, eucalyptus is known to increase concentration and ease headaches. All of which are incredibly useful during an eventful holiday season!

• 4 ounces

• Cruelty-free + vegan + non toxic

• 100% soy wax sourced from the US

• Phthalate-free oil blend

• Brown kraft, recycled label

• Lead-free cotton wick

• Gold lid

• Recyclable/Reusable glass mason jar

• 25+ Hour burn-time