New Shop Smell // Help us build the production studio!

  • $45.00

Have you heard?! We're opening a candle shop in Beverly, MA! It's been a long time dream, finally come true. I'm ELATED to see ya'll in person and chat smells and life things. 

Turns out that building out our production space has cost a bit more than expected (doesn't it always?!) So, I've made this super cute candle+ as an offering for a crowd sourcing type event!

New Shop Smell is a blend of Gingerwood & Clove. It's tough to really decide what a new candle shop will smell like (so many smells!), so I made a blend out of what I *wish+hope* the candle shop will smell like. 

Candle Deets: 16oz, Wooden Wick, Golden lid, 100+ burn time

Here's how the listing tiers work:

Tier 1 // "Smell" : This option includes the solo candle at retail cost. 

Tier 2 // "Swag" : This option includes the candle and the cute stickers you see in the listing photo. 

Tier 3 // "Supply" : This option includes the candle, the cute stickers, a constellation match book and gold wick trimmers. 

Tier 4 // "Super Smell" : This option includes the solo candle, plus an additional monetary contribution of $30 to the shop build out. 

Tier 5 // "Super Swag" : This option includes the candle, the stickers, plus an additional $30 to the shop build out. 

Tier 6 // "Super Supply" : This option includes the candles, stickers, matches, wick trimmer, plus an additional $30 to the shop build out. 

PLUS, if you're feeling extra candle jazzed or would simply love to contribute a few dollahs, sans candle, I've made an additional listing for monetary contributions. Find that one here:  Help us build out our production studio!

I am so incredibly thankful for your support and love and excitement for the new shop! We're making it all happen together and it's a joy to be able to provide you a safe space to sniff all the smells and chat all the chats with us XOXOXOXO