The High Priestess: Egyptian Amber + Patchouli + Incense

  • $21.00

In tarot, the High Priestess represents the divine feminine, one who holds deep knowledge of self, nature, religion. How fortuitous that this magical blend of amber, incense, and patchouli is grounding. Amber seeks to improve memory; incense calms the mind; and patchouli eases tension. 

Small: 4 oz. 25+ hrs.  |  Medium: 8oz. 45+ hrs.  |  Large: 12oz 80+ hrs.

• Cruelty-free + vegan + non toxic

• 100% soy wax sourced from the US

• Phthalate-free oil blend

• Brown kraft, recycled label

• Crackling wooden wick made with organic hardwood (8oz. & 12oz.)

• Lead-free cotton wick (4oz.)

• Golden lid

• Recyclable/Reusable mason jar