Black Violet Tarot Deck // Heidi Phelps

  • $60.00

Our favorite gal and artist of the tarot candle collection, Heidi Phelps, has turned her art into a gorgeous tarot deck for the world to explore. Add the deck onto your favorite tarot candle order! 

What’s in a name?

Throughout history, art, and folklore, violets have represented life and fertility, death and remembrance—a striking contrast of joy v. grief, beginning v. end, and future v. memory.

Designed by Heidi Phelps as she became a mother while losing her own mother to cancer, the Black Violet Tarot reflects this idea of bittersweet dualities—of shining a light in times of darkness.

Heidi works as a writer and illustrator in Washington, DC. Her favorite thing to do—besides draw and write—is hang out with her daughter, Leyla; her husband, Erdem; and their two cats, Eddie and Lulu.