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Reed Diffuser. Love & Lavender: Lavender + Lemon + Orange

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Reed Diffusers are a sweet alternative to candles for those spaces where burning candles is frowned upon. Add it to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, all the rooms!

• 4 ounce Reed Diffuser emits aroma for around 3 months.

• Comes with 6 reeds. Oil is poured into a recyclable glass jar.

• Made will all nontoxic, phthalate-free oils.

• Remove twine that binds the reeds in your order, place all 6 of them in the diffuser bottle. The oil will be drawn up the reeds. After about 30 minutes, flip the reeds to allow the oil to drench the entirety of the reeds. Flip again after a few weeks or when you feel like the scent isn't as strong.

T H E • S C E N T
Your favorite lavender scent in a jar! Lavender is known to fight insomnia while producing a floral, calming aroma. It's the best scent to place by your bed, when you are winding down from the days' events.