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Soy Much Brighter

Pumpkin Coffee: Pumpkin & Black Coffee || 12oz

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Pumpkin Coffee is a seasonal classic for Fall, leading all the way through to the new year. In the midst of pumpkin carving and apple picking, you find yourself in need of a scarf and a warm beverage. Your favorite coffee shop is now serving up that delectable pumpkin coffee you crave as soon as that brisk Autumn chill creeps in. A dash of cinnamon on top completes the package and you indulge in your sweet pumpkin drink as you watch those Christmas decorations being put up just a tad too early.

•Soy wax
•Phthalate-free oil blend
•Brown kraft, recycled label
•Crackling wooden wick made with organic hardwood
•Black lid
•Recyclable/Reusable mason jar
•80+ Hour burn-time
•Cruelty-free + non toxic