• Image of Dog Person: Lavender + Cucumber + Sage || 12oz Vegan Candles, Dog Person Gifts, Dog Lovers Gifts

A true dog lovers gift for your friends, your grandma, your mama, your brother, or better yet, you!

This baby is made with soy wax in a 12oz glass jar, a crackling wooden wick and finished off with a black lid. The scent blend is Lavender + Cucumber + Sage. A fresh scent that will also work to cover up any unwanted "doggy" smells around the house.

Why a Dog Person candle? Well, I assume pup lovers also love to have some rad pup swag around the home. This pup swag just happens to have a double purpose since it'll make your home smell pretty too. Recycle the jar after the candle is done for Doggo's yummy treats!