Meet the Candle Witch

Hey, there! I'm Katie, your personal scent creatress. A little bit about me - I have a passion for animals, social justice, food, and design. I have a couple of cats at home and enough plants to build a jungle. 

I started making candles because I wanted a nontoxic, vegan, and adorable candle to burn in my home. I knew that's what you were looking for, too. This candle had to be environmentally sustainable and clean burning. I wanted you to get the most out of your dollars with this creation and feel good about it’s low environmental impact. All the while, having something pretty to look at that provides conscious self-care.

So. What is it that you’re looking for in your self-care routine? Nostalgia? Peace? Energy? Inspiration? Looking to impress guests with your impeccable taste in scents? Or maybe you just need to cover up that pet smell that they so lovingly leave behind? Whatever it is, I've got your back, Jack. (Or Jane. But that doesn't rhyme.)