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Holiday Gifts

  1. Hot Toddy Drink Mix 8oz
  2. Cat Nip Star Cat Toy
  3. Dona Chai
  4. Neutral Lip Balm
  5. Rainbow Moonstone
  6. Survive the Darkness Solstice Card
  7. Mulling Syrup 8oz
  8. Celestial Supernova Threader Earrings
  9. Yule Tidings Card
  10. Love & Light Hanukkah Card
  11. Feliz Navidad Holiday Card
  12. Lip Balms
  13. Mulling Spices
  14. Klayhouse Ceramics Vase
  15. Chill Holiday Card
  16. Happy Hanukkah Card
  17. Merry Winter Solstice Ornament
  18. Blessed Yule Ornament
  19. Folk Flower Notebook

what the fans say

  • Calling all incense lovers If you are an incense lover Goodnight Moon is perfect for you! Its very smoky and cozy and really powerful in all spaces, but again not overwhelming. As always 10/10 recommend. The wooden wick is lovely too. It creates a very delicate crackling sound while burning


  • Night blooming jasmine I’m a devoted SMB customer and somehow this is the first time I bought flower child. As soon as I opened it I had to come give it 5 stars because when I smelled the candle it brought me right back to my childhood. Outside the window of my childhood bedroom there was a night blooming jasmine plant. When the weather was nice the cool air would bring its scent in while I fell asleep at night. This smells JUST like that night blooming jasmine. It is blowing my mind how accurate it is. Will definitely be buying again!


  • Old reliable If you're gifting a candle, you can't go wrong with Into the Woods. Soy Much Brighter has found the perfect combo to create a natural, woodsy, nostalgic scent!