Candle Accessory Bundle // Gold

Who knew candles had accessories?! Here at SMB, we want you to get the most from your candles. Using the right tools will help keep your candles clean, free of debris, and burning the way they should. Save $3 when you buy the bundle!

The bundle includes:

1 Wick Dipper

1 Candle Snuffer

1 Wick Trimmer

Wick Dipper
A candle dipper is used for extinguishing the flame of candle when you want to prevent billowing smoke. See the video for how to use!

Using the dipper, gently bend the candle wick into the wax pool. The wax will extinguish the flame, leaving little to no smoke behind. Just be sure to use the dipper to bring the wick back up out of the wax! 

Candle Snuffer
A candle snuffer is a cute tool used for extinguishing a candle flame. Simply cover the flame with the bell of the snuffer, and the flame will extinguish, leaving very little smoke. 

Wick Trimmer

Wick trimmers are necessary for keeping your wicks tidy and trimmed to the perfect length. These are great for reaching the wick of tall jars when the candle has burned down further down the jar.

It also saves you the mess of getting char on your fingers! The trimmer is designed with a wick "catcher", so the excess char doesn't dirty up your candle. It also makes for easy disposal.