Candle Addict Accessory Set

  • $30.00

- Wick trimmer - for trimming wicks! A very necessary component of being a responsible candle burner.

- Wick dipper - for extinguish the flames on cotton wick candles. The dipper is curved at the end so you can gently bend over the cotton wick into the wax to extinguish the flame. Then you’ll use the dipper to bring the wick back up so it’s ready for your next burn and doesn’t get buried under wax. Dippers can also be useful for removing debris from candles. Using dippers prevent the candle from smoking after the flame dies - a huge benefit for those who hate the smoke!

- Wick snuffer - for extinguishing flames. Gently cover the flame with the snuffer letting it touch just the surface of the wax. Hold for a second, pull snuffer up and shake the wax off.

- Tray - For holding all the accessories that you just got wax all over! The tray leaves your counter and table tops free of wax drips and mess. They can also be used to keep the wick trimmings until you make it over to the trash can.