Mom's Day is May 9th!

Gosh, that snuck up on us real fast. How is it almost May?! 

Anywho, I am honored that my inaugural blog post is a celebration of the world's moms. I am a cat's mom, not a human's mom, but I can definitely acknowledge and respect the love, sacrifice, work, and strength involved in Job Mom. They are the nation's heroes. They are the original teachers. The original caretakers. And the ultimate multitaskers. Moms are all around rad! And that's why they deserve the best. I've compiled a list of categorical recommendations of candles, etc., from the candle shop, to help you make mom's day the cutest.
(each rec is linked directly to the selection!)

For the Mystical Mama

     The Tarot Collection
     Just Cuz gift box

For the Moon Lover Mums

     The Moon Phase Collection
     The Earth and Her Moon

For the Flower Power Moms

     Flower Child
     Love & Lavender
     Desert Fairy

For the Outdoorsy Mom

     Into the Woods
     Wild Earth

For the Social Justice Warrior Moms

     Persist (30% donated)
     Feelin' the Bern (30% donated)

For the Mums who love surprises

     Mystery Candle Subscription

For the EcoFriendly Mothers 

     Tiny Arms x SMB ceramic refillable candle pot

For the Moms who don't care for an open flame

     Any of the Reed Diffusers! Several scents to choose from!

For the Mums who love Summery Spring scents

     Citrus Sunshine
     Peach Patch
     Mornin' Mint

And that's the tea! I hope you find something lovely that'll bring a smile to your mom's face & home. Feel free to include a love note to your mom in the order message area. I have pretty cute handwriting. She will love it, promise :D

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