• Image of Moon Phase Collection // Waning Moon: Grapefruit + Jasmine

Moon: Waning
Focus: Courage
Aromatherapy: Jasmine & Grapefruit

The waning moon is an opportune time during the cycle to cleanse and let go. Connecting with yourself during this time can prove fruitful. Ask yourself what you might be be able to rid your life of in this moment to bring yourself more joy. (ie: relationships, physical objects, projects that aren't working)

Grapefruit will comfort during detoxing, along with jasmine which will instill openness, optimism, and the courage to release.

• Cruelty free + non-toxic
• Soy wax
• Phthalate-free oil blend
• 6oz
• Brown kraft, recycled label
• Cotton wick
• Golden Tin
• 30+ Hour burn time