• Image of Blooming Lilacs: Lilac || 4oz
  • Image of Blooming Lilacs: Lilac || 4oz

The Lilac aroma has been known to muster feelings of comfort. In turn, they are a facilitator of relieving the unfortunate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Having the Lilac aroma in the form of a candle can be very useful in your home since the actual Lilac flower only blooms for a few weeks in the Spring. Use the Lilac candle in the deep Winter months to remind you of Spring's loveliness that is only just around the corner!

The history and meaning of the Lilac says: The color purple in lilacs represents the beginning stages of love, while the white lilac is symbolic of youth in all it's innocence.

•Cruelty free + non-toxic
•Soy wax
•Phthalate-free oil blend
•Cotton wick
•Black lid
•Recyclable/Reusable mason jar