Hey there! I'm Katie, your personal scent wizard. A little bit about me - I love animals, food and candles. I have a cat named Louie, a kitten named Olive, and a small obsession with interior design.

How the candles came to be

From the time I was little I always thought I'd work for myself. But I never knew exactly what I'd do.

It wasn't until I found myself rolling through several different types of careers every couple of years that a light bulb went off in my head: I had to work for myself or I wouldn't be happy.

I had to do something with my hands and it had to function as a creative outlet as well. I can't pinpoint exactly how it came to me, but one day I just *decided* to make candles. It just made sense.

I had recently gone vegan which in turn led me to detoxifying all household and body products (make-up, shampoo, soaps). At one point I had read that paraffin wax candles were horribly toxic for us to breathe in as well as toxic for the environment. And that was it. I would make candles, design the labels, and sell them. I wanted it to be my full time gig, not just a hobby. There was no option for failure. So I got started right away. I soaked up as much information about running a business as I could and I experimented and perfected my craft. Soy Much Brighter was born. 

Do the right thing.

Provide a relaxing, sustainable, and healthy alternative to mainstream scent burning options. To bring joy, peace, and nostalgia to the homes of all the people.