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// When will my candles be shipped? \\

The current processing time on most orders is between 3 & 7 business days. Orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail, which typically arrives to your door between 1 & 3 days. 


// Are these candles made with Phthalate-free oils? \\

Yes! All Soy Much Brighter candles are made with non-toxic, phthalate-free essential & fragrance oil blends. 


// How is shipping calculated? \\

The shipping on your order is determined by the weight of your order and the distance your order will travel. The shipping costs are based on the current USPS Priority rates. 


// Why is soy wax better in candles compared to paraffin? \\

Paraffin, often found in candles made by corporate companies, is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It is a byproduct of petroleum, which is gasoline. This is the reason you will find your walls beginning to yellow when burning a paraffin candle. Soy is a clean, plant-based alternative and is also biodegradable. Since soy is a much softer wax, it is easier to clean up if spilled and burns up to FIFTY percent longer! 


// What's the deal with the wooden wicks? \\

Cool, right? The wooden wicks are made of a native hardwood and are made specifically for use in candles. They actually help the candle to burn slower, adding even more burn-time to your aromatherapy. *thumbs up*

AND they make a super rad crackling noise while burning, kind of like a fire place. 

Wooden wicks can be found in the 8oz & 12oz sizes. 


// We need these candles in our shop!! \\

All wholesale order inquiries can be directed to Katie at

Order minimums are low and lead times are currently around 7-days.



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